Friday, August 15, 2008

Great start for Margaux

Back to school went without a hitch for Margaux... She has not cried so far although she was a little clingy today but it was over once she got blankey. Teacher's reports said she had a "terrific day" both Wed. and Thur. She did not eat much on the first day but made up for it the next day. Teacher made a note that she takes her shoes off all the time but is able to put them back on herself (little keds mary-janes). Not sure that I can do much about that. I'm worried that if I put her in tennies with shoelaces she will get very frustrated. I guess I can try.

She did manage to get scratched on her cheek by a kitten on her last day with her sitter! :( which is also the same day I completely ripped a tire on my way back from Sophie's school!

So, overall a great first week for both girls. Sophie's complaining they're not doing enough in school. I'm suspecting it's just because it's the first week.

I do have a Margaux pic that I will post later.


Beverly said...

she is adorable. glad to know she had a good week.