Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to school for Sophie

It's official, Sophie is a second grader! We had to alter our routine and this morning was a little rough. This school has no parking and we had to park on the street about 1/2 mile down and walk with the huge box of supplies and Margaux in the stroller. It was not pretty.

We made it in barely on time (did not count on the long walk, and caught a train). I also started my day pouring spoiled milk in my coffee! Yuck! And there was not enough left for another cup! :( Sophie was pretty happy to go back to school. Luckily she has two friends in her class: one from pre-k and one from last year, so that should make the adjustement easier. The school has a decent size library and a full cafeteria, so we do not have to pack lunch!

Margaux gets her start in preschool (2yr) on Wednesday.

Here's a pic of my new second grader!


Beverly said...

cute pic. sorry about your rough morning start.

Kerry said...

She looks so sweet! I'll bet her teachers love her!!!