Sunday, March 29, 2009

Funny things Margaux says

She has been saying absolutely hysterical things. My favorite is she refers to her classmates and her teachers as "her people". So, she comes home and says "My people all here today" and then she proceeds to tell me the name of everyone in her class.

I'm told she's bossy (no surprise) and a leader. All the kids seem to adore her and like to follow her around. Chief trouble maker is what she is. I don't want her to be over the top, but I'm glad she's assertive. Makes for some tough parenting, though...

The other day, she saw some baby crocodiles coming out of their eggs and pointed to the TV and said, "Look mama, they're hatching!" I had no clue she knew that word.

Of course, we're potty training, and that comes with some pretty funny descriptions... :) She likes to explain how she "had to push that poo poo out hard".

Now, for your viewing pressure, our little miss passed out on the coffee table while eating lunch yesterday. Can't see how that's comfortable?

Diego undies

I am very excited to report that we are potty training Margaux. Her teacher said she was ready, so we started last weekend and she's been doing very well. Only hitch is she had to have Diego underwear and they do not make Diego underwear for girls. So, I got her a big pack of Dora underwear and a small pack of *boy* Diego undies.

I have to say this child is obsessed with Diego. I did find one (boy) Diego T-shirt and she wore it three days in a row. I could not get it off of her. Now I'm looking for another one (so I can have a clean shirt on her) and have not been able to locate one so far.

Ballet Recital

Sophie had her recital on Friday, and I'm happy to report it went very well.
Margaux was very concerned about where her sister went and very anxious throughout the program but did not throw a tantrum! Of course she had to steal some of her sissy's flowers!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Better late than never... Big snow day pictures!