Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Of ladybugs and pandas

Like most China adoptive moms, I have a clear obsession with anything pandas and ladybugs. Pandas are obviously Chinese and a great symbol of the country. Ladybugs are reverred and a sign of good luck in China.

I've been collecting different items, clothing, stuffed animal etc with pandas and ladybugs ever since we decided we were going to adopt from China. This weekend was no different. I picked up this snugglekins panda for Margaux's birthday

Last Christmas, I ordered this bean bag chair, thinking it would be a huge hit with Margaux, as it's made for kids exactly her size.

I was slightly off-base as she's never really used it. However someone else has claimed it hers!

There's an alligator in my kitchen

Check out this newstory!
Yikes, I guess I'm glad I don't live in central FL.
We do wrestle some with raccons, but not 8 ft gator!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Easy transition to sitter

It could not have gone any better. Once again I worried over nothing. Margaux did not cry on Monday or Tuesday. At most she whined a little on Thursday, but it was over not getting something she wanted. So, it's a big relief for us. She's very happy at Theresa's, enjoys the other kids and all the pets. There's even a duck in the backyard. Long story, but he was won over Easter and used to be green! The only drawback is I'm having to do so much driving. I hate being in the car for so long, and gas has become so expensive. Regardless I'm very thankful Margaux is at Theresa's!

Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers

I "know" them from an infertility and adoption community site I've been on for 8 years. This little girl just lost her battle against cancer. There are just no words. May you rest in peace little Caroline.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A new beginning for Margaux

Sadly, Friday was the last day of daycare for Margaux. Both Margaux and Sophie have attended Underwood Methodist and it shut down after 35 years! :( It was very sad. I think of all the teachers and I hope they find another job quickly. They took wonderful care of Margaux.

So, tomorrow, we are off to Theresa's house and we will be there for about 4 months until pre-school starts in August at CTK. I just hope she does not have a hard time adjusting. It's going to be hard for me as well, because I will have to drop her off further into Collierville and then head back towards G'town (my office is close to the Collierville/G'town border). Also, since she'll be in Collierville, I'll be responsible for picking her up as well and in the summer I'll have both girls in Collierville, so p/u and drop off will be done by me every day for both girls. I figure this will add an hour to my day at least. But, we got to do it! Thing should fall back into a better routine when school starts again in the fall. Of course, if Sophie makes it into Richland, we'll have early mornings because it starts at 7:30!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Another Easter pic

Here is the professional picture of Margaux with the real bunny... She refused to smile, but it's still adorable. Yes, there are no pictures of Sophie, who is "too cool" this year for a pic with a bunny.

Other news: Sophie is signed up for camp at the YMCA in Collierville. I'm hoping she likes it better than the Y over here in East Memphis. She complained all summer last year, because they spent too much time outside. I also offered camp at Central church but she wanted to go somewhere where they would swim every day.

Margaux is spending her last week in daycare. Next week she will stay with my friend Theresa. She'll be with her until the fall when she will start at CTK. Sophie will either be at Richland (if we made the cut) or return to CTK.

This past weekend was Ching Ming festival, or spring fling which got very muddy. It was still fun, though and we always enjoy seeing our FCC friends.