Sunday, April 13, 2008

A new beginning for Margaux

Sadly, Friday was the last day of daycare for Margaux. Both Margaux and Sophie have attended Underwood Methodist and it shut down after 35 years! :( It was very sad. I think of all the teachers and I hope they find another job quickly. They took wonderful care of Margaux.

So, tomorrow, we are off to Theresa's house and we will be there for about 4 months until pre-school starts in August at CTK. I just hope she does not have a hard time adjusting. It's going to be hard for me as well, because I will have to drop her off further into Collierville and then head back towards G'town (my office is close to the Collierville/G'town border). Also, since she'll be in Collierville, I'll be responsible for picking her up as well and in the summer I'll have both girls in Collierville, so p/u and drop off will be done by me every day for both girls. I figure this will add an hour to my day at least. But, we got to do it! Thing should fall back into a better routine when school starts again in the fall. Of course, if Sophie makes it into Richland, we'll have early mornings because it starts at 7:30!


Beverly said...

So how did the week go?