Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tagged by Bev!

by motherhood and other ramblings to reveal 7 weird things about myself and then tag 7 more people leaving the unsuspecting 7 tagged messages on their blog. So here goes:

I'll do the 7 things about me, but I don't know who else to tag... Will have to think about that one.

1) I'm fascinated by ears. I always look at people's ears and I usually remember the shape of their ears rather than what they look like overall.

2) I cannot use the same dryer sheets all the time, I like to rotate scents

3) I don't care that I don't tan. I would NEVER go to a tanning salon, and I don't mind looking like a ghost. It was fashionable a few centuries ago, the look might come back, right?

4) I have flat feet, very flat. Think duck-like flat. Funny thing is so does Margaux! She was meant for us! :)

5) Chuck and I are 10 1/2 years apart. From the stats I have read this is very unusual.

6) I had a weird summer job, where I had to type up messages that people would call in onto other people's pagers and cell phone. People would always call in a pretend it was one of these "special" numbers. It got old very fast.

7) I love radishes.

That's it... Weird enough, Bev?


Beverly said...

Not weird not weird. 10 1/2 years? wow didn't realize that. Chuck looks much younger closer to your age actually.