Friday, February 29, 2008

Shadow’s wild adventures!

We had a very eventful evening and morning. Our “teenage” kitty Shadow, almost 6 months old, had not been seen since about 6 pm. We turned the house upside down, and called her inside and outside, opened every door, closet etc but we could not find her. Sophie was pretty upset and I was worried sick. Of course, there’s always the threat that a raccoon could have gotten her, especially since she had pawed at one just days ago. The other possibility is that she would have been run over. The last, better, option is that she was hanging with our cat-loving neighbor, who must have a dozen house-cats and feeds every stray in the area. This brought back memories of when our beloved Murphy (a beautiful Himalayan, and Yoda’s baby) came missing. We never did find him. We suspect he was stolen because he was so beautiful and sweet. Of course, it’s very unlikely someone would still Shadow, she’s a just a regular black cat. I was up pretty much all night, hoping she would just show up. I had left the cat door open just in case. Well, this morning, still no sign of her. Finally as I’m getting ready to load the kids in the car, Sophie is screaming. We can distinctly see a pair of ears in my car. She must have jumped in when I unloaded Margaux. She was locked in there all evening and night with no food. I brought her in, fed her, and locked her in. No open cat door for her today! I am so relieved she was found safe and sound as she is the sweetest little creature! Now I have to make it through a day of work with little to no sleep! I’ll load up some new pictures this weekend!