Saturday, February 23, 2008

10 Years ago, 1 Year ago

Thursday was a big day for this family, the big fat 10 that is, our ten year anniversary. It's just so hard to believe it's 10 been years already. It's gone by so fast! Of course our greatest accomplishments are our two beautiful little girls. 9 years of of these 10 years were at least partly consumed with family building. We went through 3 years of infertility, including 3 IUIs, 1 IVF, and a failed adoption before finding out right before Valentine's day 2001 that we were expecting Sophie. It was a natural pregnancy, a total surprise. The pregnancy itself was a difficult roller coaster. I had just about every complication on the book. I had a dozen ultrasounds to check on Sophie and ended up being induced because she was IUGR (intra-uterine-growth-retardation). That was a scary word! She ended up totally fine albeit tiny at 38 week gestation and 4lb15oz. After Sophie came more infertility treatment including 3 IUIs, and more failed domestic adoptions. Finally we started the China process in January 2005, were logged in Sept 2005, and traveled to China on our 9 year anniversary last year.
So on the 21st 10 years ago we were getting married, and 1 year ago we were on our way to our beautiful Margaux!

To celebrate our anniversary, Chuck cooked a nice dinner on Thursday, and yesterday we went out for dinner and a movie (Juno, which was very good). We would have done more, but we are trying to save money for the summer to go to France since we have not been in 5 years!


Beverly said...

happy anniversary!!


Deanna said...

Happy Anniversary!