Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sucky news and good news

Sucky news: got my annual today, and I have fibroids... Now I need an ultrasound to find out how big they are. I know it's not a huge deal, but that's not something I wanted to mess with. Plus, since I'm turning 35, I have to do my 1st mammogram too. Sigh... I hate going to the doctor's. On a more positive note, I love my OBGYN, he is just so sweet and so good. I showed him a pic of the girls and he asked to keep it.

Now the good news: Sophie is accepted at Richland, which means we'll pay about $400 less a month. That's the difference between the tuition for private school, and the extended care she'll have to go to in public.


The Ferguson Family said...

I hope all goes well with your ultrasound. We've missed hearing the chatter and chaos of our China family! We hope to see you in the fall. Congratulations to Miss Sophie! When you get a chance, send me a link to your school calendar so I can see if we have any of the same breaks.