Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New favorite word

Margaux has a new favorite word: "Alright!". Everything is "alright". Her language has really exploded lately and she probably has 20 to 30 words. She also said her first two word sentence "no, mine!" while arguing over a toy with sissy. She just went to an ear check-up appointment and weighed a whopping 24.8 lbs! Yikes, she's put on a couple pounds in a very brief period.

We are getting ready to celebrate Chinese New Year this weekend and I am looking forward to dressing the girls in their Chinese outfits we bought while we were in Guanghzhou.

Oh yeah, and daddy locked Margaux in the car yesterday after leaving the doctor's office. I had to rush back out with the extra key to let her out.

The crib was taken apart a couple of weeks ago. Margaux is sleeping on a full size bed. She's been doing a little better, but she sill wakes up once or twice a night. I miss the times a few months ago when she slept the whole night through. She really has not done that ever since she got sick with hand, foot, and mouth.

Time to go help Sophie with her homework.


Beverly said...

I like the new look.