Sunday, September 7, 2008

Growing pains?

So, Sophie has been complaining of chest pains for about 10 days. On Wednesday, I had Chuck take her to her pediatrician, who could find nothing wrong with her a suggested it was just skeletal pain (i.e. growing pains). I talked to her on the phone and told her I was worried since Sophie was at times even crying, which is way out of character, as she is usually pretty tough. So, she suggested X-rays and they did those right away at the hospital. Came back clear also. So, it might just be growing pains, especially since she did gain a little bit of weight and finally broke 40 lbs! She weighed in at 41 lbs (and almost 7 years old)! Woohoo! Then I started wondering if carrying a heavy backpack had anything to do with this. She is so tiny and all that weight on her shoulders may be causing some pain. So, I'm going to switch her to a rolling backpack and see if that helps any. I have an older one she can use for now and I'm looking for a newer one. She wants to have it embroidered with an "S" and a jaguar.


Beverly said...

Glenys' growing pains are in her legs and she cries waking at night. Could it be some anxiety? or is it specifically the rib bones? hopefully it is the backpack and will be fixed easily!

and where are the pics of my margaux? I am needing a fix, heh.