Sunday, July 6, 2008

Poor Chuck down for the Holiday

He had been running 103-104 fever since Wed night and only worked a 1/2 day on Thursday and is just starting to feel better. So, we did not have much of a 4th of July, but we did manage to see the fireworks on Friday in G'town and that was about the extent of the celebration. I took some pics of the kids and will upload them later.

I had my mammogram last week and am still waiting for the results. My bloodwork came back and my vitamin D is low so now I'm on heavy duty vitamins and I have to get tested again in 8 weeks. My bad cholesterol was slightly elevated as well, I have been splurging a little too much lately. I'll have my ultrasound tomorrow to check on those fibroid tumors.


Lou and Lorna said...

Hi Rachel, it's Lorna. No, actually, we're not in Memphis anymore. We relocated to Evansville, IN last Sept (the palm trees in the photo were fake). It's so good to hear from you, though, and have a link to your blogspot. I can't believe you've been home with Margaux for a year already! She's beautiful, as is Sophie.