Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Well, we had another eventful week! On Thursday, while I was getting my oil changed at WalMart (bad idea, they are sooo slow), Margaux got a hold of the children's ibuprofen and somehow managed to open the childproof top. Since we did not know how much she had ingested, I told Chuck (over the phone) to take her to the E.R. while I was checking out and met them over there. It turned out it was not a very big deal, because at that concentration she could have drunk the whole bottle and it would not have harmed her, it would just have caused a bad tummy ache. Good to know! I guess I should have called poison control, but it did not even occur to me. Anyway, all that matters is she is fine!

Yesterday our egg hunt in G'town got delayed to Monday because of rain, which means we'll do the egg hunt on St Pat's day.

Here is my attempt at taking some pics of the girls in their St Pat's attire. I have to say they were not overly cooperative! :(


Deanna said...

Cute pics! Hope the egg hunt was fun!

Beverly said...

Oh No Margaux!! Glad she is okay. Cute pictures. Some child proof bottles!!