Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day

Today was a snow day in Memphis. Check out the sorry little snowman Sophie, Margaux and our neighbors built. Remember this is Memphis! :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yesterday for Chinese New Year

I dressed up Margaux in one of her silk outfits and authentic sqeaky shoes (took out the squeaks for school though) and made some little cards with a penny that I put in real Chinese red envelopes. I also printed a couple of coloring sheets for all the kids. Teacher said they had fun. In the evening we had some Chinese food to celebrate to. 2 years ago for Chinese New Year, we were on our way to China. It's hard to believe it's been that long already!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year

Sunday, January 18, 2009

FCC - Chinese New year

This was last Saturday and Margaux once again had refused to take a nap. She was a bear (see the above pic), wanted to be held all the time, and just refusing to participate in most activities.

What happens when we refuse to take a nap...

This was yesterday at 6 pm on the couch after she refused all day to take a nap.

Voila ce qui arrive quand on refuse de faire la sieste l'apres midi. 18 heures et on tombe...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The funny things toddlers say... De la bouche des enfants...

So, Margaux's language has been picking up tremendously in the last few weeks, not only her vocabulary, but her elocution as well. Now that she really started she just keep yaking away just like her big sis. Anyway, on Tuesday, she told us very seriously (she does that very expressive face and opens her eyes really wide) "I scared of monsters". So, we ask her what kind of monsters, she says "blue monsters". Hmm, okay, where did that come from? She did the same yesterday, except this time they were green monsters. Finally, yesterday we were back to blue monsters.

Also, I've noticed she favors playing with boys over girls. When I asked who she played with at school, she always brings up the same three names: Coleman (her partner in crime, they always get in trouble together), Josh, Quentin. I think girls are too well-behaved for her, she likes the more rambunctious kids.

I'm very glad the girls are back in school this week, and back on a schedule. I could tell they were getting bored at home. 2 weeks is too long a break.

Le langage de Margaux s'es beaucoup ameliore les quelques dernieres semaine, pas seulement son vocabulaire, mais aussin son elocution. Elle nous as dit tres serieusement (elle ouvre les yeux tres grand et a cet air tres grave) en anglais "Moi peur des monstres". On lui a demande de quels monstres, elles nous a repondu des monstres bleus. Nous ne savons pas d'ou ca vient. Avant-hier, elle avait peur des monstres verts, et hier c'etait de nouveau les bleus.

J'ai aussi remarque qu'elle prefere jouer avec les garsons plutot que les filles. Quand je lui demande avec qui elle a joue dans la journee, elle me donne toujours les memes noms: Coleman, Josh et Quentin. Je crois que les filles ne font pas assez de betises pour elle.

Je suis contente que les filles soient retournees a l'ecole cette semaine. Cette pause de 2 semaines etait trop longue et elles commencaient a s'ennuyer.